Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BnB (Burgers and Bistro)

Visited: Dinner on Friday May 3, 2013
Company: Party of 8 for +Stanley's weekend home from NYC.

I don't exactly remember where I found out about this restaurant... it just came up somehow while I was browsing for places to have dinner for +Stanley's 'return to Toronto' weekend. But the day before we were going, I was doing some research and I became a little bit skeptical about the restaurant. Mostly because it is situated inside a hotel, I was worried that it would just be overpriced, mediocre food. Either way, we headed to the Sheridan Hotel on Friday afternoon (after +Stanley got drunk after one beer) to find BnB. 

Even walking through the lobby of the hotel, we saw a wide range of people, from the super classy to average Joe's. We were somewhere in between varying in outfits from hoodies to business casual. The restaurant was definitely on the classy side, but that's pretty expected for the Sheridan Hotel.

I was debating getting a burger prior to dinner but they looked pretty good as they were being served to other customers. I decided to get the Chicken Burger Caprese, with a side of sweet potato fries. When we all got our burgers, I noticed that the toppings were all over the place, cheese covered half the burger while the red pepper was on the half. The actual chicken patty was definitely frozen prior and felt very processed, like something I could get from the grocery store. +Gisele pointed out that the burgers were also very charred, as the flames in the kitchen were very high. She also didn't enjoy how messy her Steak and Egg Burger was to eat, with the egg yolk running all over.
I think the bun was the redeeming quality of the overall burgers, I really enjoyed the flavour and variety of seeds on it. However, +Will created his own burger and didn't like the bun he chose. I also tried his milk shake but found it extremely sweet. The creativity of the burgers were also enjoyable, there is a unique combination of toppings on each. I surprisingly thought the arugula added a lot to my burger... at least the toppings were fresh. +Brian's Bison Burger with the drunken cheddar was an interesting looking meal to say the least. The sweet potato fries were average at best but +Alex's Chipotle Mayo really added a nice spicy kick to them. 

I was lucky to find a 20% off coupon online for this place so i was pretty happy with that. We paid $20 each for our meals. But my prediction prior was fairly accurate, the restaurant attempts to serve high class food and prices for the hotel crowd but falls short in crafting their food in the most important details.

2/5 - Nice toppings and bun but how can you mess up the main part 
of the burger
Decor: 2/5 - 'Hotel class', fancy but not my crowd
Service: 2.5/5 - Not the fastest, but might have to do with our party size
Likeliness to go back: 0.5/5 - No desire
Overall: 2/5

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