Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mont-Royal Hot Dog

Date Visited: Late night meal on Saturday Aug 3, 2013
Company: Group of 6 after Osheaga

After a long, second day at Osheaga, a group of us met up at Mont Royal subway station to grab some food late into the night. As most of us spent the last hours of the night dancing away to Porter Robinson, so we weren't in the mood for walking or standing in a line-up to get into one of the more popular restaurants in Montreal. We had spotted Mont Royal Hot Dog from an earlier night and decided to walk by to see how it was and luckily for us, it wasn't busy at all.

We entered Mont Royal and we could see the menu immediately right on top of the kitchen area. They had a large variety of foods to choose from such as the famous Montreal hot dogs, breakfast, burgers, and pitas. It was a cross between fast food and a diner, with an open kitchen and many booths for sitting. We grabbed a table so I could check out the options further as there were menus on the table also while the others went up to order. A waitress meanwhile came to serve us some waters.

After I had decided what I wanted and +Will went up to order as the rest of the group did, the chef told him to order at the table. We found this a bit odd but waited for the waitress to come as she served one of the dishes our friends ordered. The food came to each individual as it was finished being prepared by the cook and left on the counter for the waitress. I was pretty impressed on how speedy they were. I ordered the Mont-Royal Poutine after seeing +Elliott's order come. I ordered the small, and I couldn't believe they had two sizes above that! The poutine was topped with hot dog, bacon, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms (with cheese and gravy of course). Mine had a smaller plate on the bottom for the normal poutine part, while +Elliott ordered the medium and his was just on the big plate. In terms of the toppings though, I think I still had as much as him on my overflowing plates. It was a beautiful and colourful sight of delicious fried up vegetables and meats. The vegetables were cooked perfectly with lots of flavour from the other components. I even enjoyed the bacon as they used large pieces rather than bits. There was a lot of hot dog in there, at least two whole ones but the pepperoni was my favourite part. Only complaint I had was that the cheese was cold underneath all the toppings still, it hardly melted at all. Despite that, the fries were good even though it was lost underneath the mound of everything else that will be clogging my arteries. 

Food: 3.5/5 - Hard to go wrong when the poutine was topped with all that.
Decor: 2/5 - A little run down looking but standard diner appearance.
Service: 3.5/5 - Waitress and wait time was great. Cooks didn't seem like they were fans of us though, maybe because of the language barrier.
Willingness to come back: 3.5/5 - Lots to try here and pretty good prices!
Overall: 3/5
Website: none

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